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Farm Tours

Experience a Hands-On Adventure

At Patina Farm, we're not just a place to visit; we're an immersive adventure. Our farm tours are designed to offer an educational yet thoroughly enjoyable experience for guests of all ages. Each tour is tailored to provide a personal connection with our remarkable animals.

Key Highlights:
  • Close Encounters
    Get up close and personal with our diverse animal family, including charming alpacas, inquisitive chickens, and friendly donkeys.
  • Unique Learning Experiences
    Discover the exceptional qualities of Mississippi's alpacas and gain insights into the pristine environment they thrive.
  • Fiber Exploration
    Feel the softness of alpaca fiber as you explore the process from shearing to the final product, offering a deeper understanding of our luxurious creations.

Field Trips

Education Meets Excitement

Our field trips are the perfect opportunity to introduce young minds to the wonders of farm life. We customize each trip to cater to different age groups and educational needs, ensuring that every child leaves with a heartwarming farm experience.

Key Highlights:
  • Educational Adventure:
    Our tours are designed to teach children about various breeds and the practices we use to keep our animals healthy and safe.
  • Memorable Moments:
    The impact of exposure to farm life on young children is immeasurable, leaving them with a lasting impression of warmth and love.

Photography Sessions

Capturing Nature's Beauty

Photographers, welcome to your perfect backdrop. The picturesque setting of Patina Farm, with its barn overlooking a tranquil 20-acre lake and natural landscapes, creates an idyllic environment to enhance your photography experience.



Rustic Elegance Meets Natural Beauty

Celebrate your special day amidst the rustic elegance and natural beauty of Patina Farm. Our farm setting, with its picturesque barn and serene surroundings, provides a unique and enchanting backdrop for your wedding.


Creating Memorable Events

At Patina Farm, we take pride in creating unforgettable memories for our visitors. Whether it's a farm tour, field trip, photography session, or wedding, our commitment to delivering a personalized, memorable experience remains unwavering.


Plan your visit to Patina Farm today and embark on a journey filled with fun, education, and heartwarming moments.